Gynecology - Testing

Pap testing should be started by age 21, and should be performed yearly or every 2-3 years; at present there is no upper age at which to stop having Pap testing.

Even if Pap testing is performed less often than once a year, it is still very important to have a comprehensive yearly GYN examination.

We are pleased to provide the following testing services in our practice:

  • Blood drawing during regular hours
  • Testing for vaginal or urinary infections
  • Ultrasound for OB or GYN evaluations, performed in our Lutherville office
  • Colposcopy (evaluations of abnormal Pap testing)
  • Bone density testing, performed in our Lutherville office
All lab results are personally reviewed by your care provider.
Ultrasound tests are performed by an ultrasound technologist who specializes in OB and GYN ultrasound.  Interpretation of the results and a formal report is prepared by a board certified radiologist.  In many cases you may review the preliminary ultrasound report with your care provider in our office as soon as the exam is completed.

We recommend yearly mammograms at age 40 or earlier in certain circumstances.

We will assist you in scheduling your mammogram evaluation at the radiology center of your choice and we will review your mammogram report personally.

For other types of radiology examinations (CT or MRI scan and others) we work closely with all major radiology centers in the area and can assist you with scheduling of your appointment.